Help your students get ready to apply for student finance

01 February 2017

For students starting university or college in 2017/18, it’s almost time to apply for student finance. If they want their money in time for the start of their course, they need to apply as soon as the application launches.

You can help them get ready to apply by sharing our top three tips:

  1. Find your passport

Students need to fill in their passport details when they apply for student finance so we can check their identity.

If they don’t have a valid UK passport, they might have to send us other evidence, such as a valid non-UK passport or their UK birth or adoption certificate.


  1. Open a bank account

They need to fill in their bank details so we can pay them their money when they start university.

If their bank details change before the start of their course, they must update their details in their online account or they might not get their money.


  1. Know where you want to study

They might not have accepted a place at university or college yet but they should still apply using their preferred choice of course and they can update their details later if they need to.


Students can find out when it’s time apply by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook. They can also find up-to-date information and resources on our student finance zone on The Student Room.

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