Designated Courses

Contains all the Designated Courses for England which attract different rates of funding for Tuition Fees.

On the full list page, you will find details of the courses which have been specifically designated for the purposes of student support.

Who is responsible for Designated Courses

The Department has now published the final guidance on the new specific course designation process, 'Alternative Providers: Specific Course Designation, Guidance for Providers: Criteria and Conditions'. It is available at:

All providers wishing to make specific designation applications for new courses starting from September 2013 will be required to apply through the new process.

Existing providers and those that are interested in applying for specific course designation should  register with HEFCE at: You will then be notified when the
application windows open and will receive reminders of key deadlines and other relevant information.

Who to contact

If you would like to make an application for the specific designation of courses you should, in the first instance, contact HEFCE directly:

Future updates

The HEFCE website will be updated to  ensure that all relevant information is kept up-to-date, and over the next few weeks will include a frequently asked questions section.

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